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The most effective, affordable channel to enrich your relationships, educate your audience, and drive leads.

Benefits of Email Marketing Campaigns

Do you want to enrich your relationships, educate your audience, and create new leads? Do you want to do that without dumping thousands of dollars in print, media, and social advertising? Then run email campaigns.

Email marketing is the most affordable, effective way to engage with your audience. The value proposition is simple, so I'll keep it simple - here's a key comparison between Email Marketing and Facebook (small businesses' primary channel for audience engagement) that supports investing in a focused and cared-for email marketing strategy:

Avg. Email Open Rate
Avg. Organic Facebook Reach

An important note: Facebook has warned advertisers that organic reach will continue to drop as content volume increases, and increasingly "relevant" posts are shown in the News Feed. Here's a great read on the subject. And here's the official statement from Facebook on the matter.

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