The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.


There's a decent chance Aristotle wasn't referring to digital marketing when he said this, but he may as well have.

In this article, I'll explain how each "part" of digital marketing can work together with the other "parts" to create a greater whole.

To give you a real-world picture of how it can all work, I'll use an event promotion as an example. 

It starts with your website.

A business's website should be the hub of its online marketing activities because of its flexibility in design and content.

So, you've got this event coming up and you'd like as many people there as possible - whether it be live music, a new product launch, or a community event you're sponsoring.

Where do you start in marketing this puppy online? 

First, you create an event landing page on your website that has all the information a visitor would need to decide if they want to go. Feature this event on your home page for maximum visibility.

Note: you've also implemented a "sign-up" form on this page - we'll come back to this shortly.

Now, you need to drive traffic to this page to raise awareness for the event.

Put the word out with social media.

Direct people to your event page on the website to share the details. You should also create an event on Facebook. Doubling down certainly won't hurt!

Remember that "sign-up" form you so wisely put on the website? Visitors can sign up to receive a reminder email a day or two before the event.

Also, if you sign up, you'll be entered into a raffle drawing for a super-sweet prize. And of course, you've got to be at the event to receive the prize.

You can only blast out so many social posts directing people to the website. Stay genuine by creating fun, engaging ways to intertwine event awareness into your social strategy. 

Leverage your email list.

Email marketing is the most effective, affordable way to engage with your audience.

Average email open rates are around 35%. Compare that to your organic Facebook reach, which is likely around 10-15%.

Hopefully, you've been accruing emails since you've been in business - whether through sign-ups or an on-boarding process. 

If you don't have a big list, no worries. Remember how you've got that landing page with an email sign up for the event? You've been passively building that list and can leverage that when it comes time to promote your event.

The emails shouldn't contain too much text; basic information on the event (location, time, etc.) will suffice. Combine that with a couple images of your team, the location, or other engaging media and you'll have yourself a nice little email marketing piece.

Of course, there will be a button or two directing viewers to your event landing page on the website, and perhaps your Facebook for additional information.

Cross-promoting your "digital marketing assets" grows your audience, and your business.

In this example, you've likely accomplished five important things, all before the event even takes place.

1.  You've increased your web traffic which educates your audience, promotes your brand/products/services, and positively impacts your SEO (search engine optimization) - we'll come back to SEO.

2. You've grown your social media following by advertising your pages to your email list.

3. You've grown your email list by driving traffic to your event landing page and encouraging visitors to "sign up" for a reminder and a potential prize.

4. You've positively impacted your SEO by driving traffic, and providing an engaging web experience that kept visitors on your website for a few minutes - over time the increased traffic grows your email list, social following, and revenue.

5. Lastly, you've done what you originally set out to do - raise awareness for your event

All these things contribute to growing your business.

An engaged audience will listen to (and trust) what you have to say, and a big audience increases your potential revenue.

This is the power of a cohesive digital marketing strategy; it all works together to ultimately grow your business.

This cohesion is what sets Placer Marketing apart from our competition - we understand the big picture, and leverage every part of digital marketing to create a greater whole for small businesses.

Thanks for reading.

Every business has unique opportunities to "reproduce" the above example. Your digital marketing assets can be extremely powerful - don't let them "stand alone" or go to waste. 

Get in touch, and we'll have a conversation about digital marketing solutions for your business.

Jason Call, Founder of Placer Marketing

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