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Hi, my name is Jason, founder of Placer Marketing.

This company came-to-be because I saw a need for quality, customized digital marketing solutions for small businesses, and at an affordable price for small businesses.

In most localities, small business owners have three options to market their business online: overpay an agency, trust a freelancer, or do it themselves.

Placer Marketing fills this gap with quality services, a trusting relationship, and a genuine care for the business’s long-term success.

Yosemite with Cassie and the pups

My wife, Cassie, and our “kids” in Yosemite

Digital Marketing isn’t “marketing” in its traditional sense, and that’s a good thing. Things have changed tremendously over a short-period of time. Traditional marketing is, largely, one-time expenses to place advertising – think newspapers, radio, and the-like.

Digital Marketing is not an expense, it’s an investment. As an example, a business website is an asset that produces a return over time (through generating leads or procuring donations, to name a few), and that return can be calculated. Social media and email are assets that can be used meaningfully engage with an audience, and that engagement can be calculated.

Creating these “Digital Marketing Assets,” and the execution strategies to effectively deploy them, is the passion and experitise of Placer Marketing.

All that being said, the bigger picture far outweighs the sum of all the success that Placer Marketing and its clients could ever have. Yes, Digital Marketing is my passion, but nonetheless a tool that I hope will ultimately enrich the lives of our disadvantaged neighbors in Placer County.

The first actionable step to accomplish that will be taken in the Spring of 2018 through an organization called Elevate Placer. More to come on that…

Overall, if you’re thinking about advancing your online marketing, I hope you’ll consider Placer Marketing to help elevate your online presence. We’d be happy to serve you in whatever needs you have – big or small. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out and have a conversation.

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