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Digital marketing solutions for small businesses

What does Placer Marketing do?

Web Design

Social Media

Email Marketing

Search Optimization

What does Placer Marketing really do?

Elevates online presence

Enriches customer relationships

Educates audience

Grows businesses

Jason Call

Hi, I'm Jason, founder of Placer Marketing. I help small businesses navigate the vast landscape of digital marketing. You can learn more about me here; more about what I do here; or keep reading because, well, you're already here.

All businesses have the capability to harness digital marketing assets – i.e. website, social media, and customer information (exercised through email marketing). They’re inexpensive, accessible, and incredibly flexible. When implemented correctly, they have a lasting, profound impact on results.

Effectively implementing digital marketing assets takes attention, consistency, and expertise. Placer Marketing leverages these assets to develop, manage, and report on digital marketing strategies; these strategies will ultimately accomplish the following objectives: Elevate a business’s online presence; Enrich a business’s customer relationships; Educate a business's audience; Grow a business.

Placer Marketing provides the expertise and personal attention of a boutique digital marketing agency, at the price of a marketing company with a 1-800 number.

If you'd like to explore your options, have any questions, or know exactly what you want, get in touch and we'll make things happen. 

Placer Marketing

Seeks to

Form partnerships with small businesses to establish effective and efficient marketing solutions.

Believes in

Relationships that not only elevate the value of a business, but elevate the lives of our neighbors in need.

Pledges to

Serve clients with kindness and respect, while holding the highest standards in providing calculated marketing solutions.

Placer Marketing, located in Auburn, CA, specializes in digital marketing solutions for small businesses | Services include: website design, search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, social media, and marketing analytics | Service area: Auburn, Roseville, Rocklin, Colfax, Grass Valley, Lincoln, and surrounding areas in California.